How should I choose between two guys?

Ok, so this is a very tricky situation so please bare with me :). It’s about my best guy friend who I’ve known for years. He’s been the person I’ve gossiped with, about my crushes and his crushes, his girlfriends and my boyfriends etc. I trust him 100%. The only thing is.. While I like this other guy who I think is also interested in me (he’s also a good guy, just like him), I’m starting to feel like my best friend and I are starting to fall for each other. He once told me that he used to like me at the beginning, but not anymore. So I let it go.

But now I think it’s happening again. I don’t talk to him about my crush anymore because I feel like it’ll make him uncomfortable, however, he asks me about him. “Have you talked to him?” Or “Hey I saw him today!” Or “Talk to him!” Encouraging me to follow my heart. :)

Anyway. He keeps indirectly throwing flirtatious comments my way. Like, “Why are you so pretty” etc. He’s never done this before, ever! He never talks about my appearance.

What should I do? I’m stuck!!
How should I choose between two guys?
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