Why does my boyfriend never want to just hangout?

Whenever his family is away, and we have the chance to hangout at his house, he never wants to. He never wants to just chill at home, the two of us. We always have to be out doing something (i. e., movies, parties, art museums, dinners, hanging out with friends, etc.) However, when his parents are out, and if they’re gone for the whole day, or the whole week (like this week, they went on a trip back to their hometown - my boyfriend didn’t go with them), he asked me if i wanted to go over to his house later (clearly meaning for sex), but he didn’t invite me over to just hangout and have quality time. I feel like a booty call. I don't know, maybe because his sister is still at home with him, and i haven’t met his family yet and that’s not how he wants me to meet her? I have no idea.

I just feel sad, because usually when you date someone, you spend quality time at their home with them, just hanging out and being together. I wonder, if i was married to him, would we even live in the same home?
Why does my boyfriend never want to just hangout?
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