Should I start dating him or move on?

I have been talking to this guy for 3 months now, we went out 5 or 6 times and now he thinks that is the right time to kiss me and start a relationship with me or he can't continue talking to me...


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  • A girl once told me "I like you but your not my boyfriend, at the same time you are more then a friend to me, you understand what you are to me right. "
    I said " Yes Chutiya"

    See its hard for us to keep hanging out with a person once we have told them how we feel about them and then the other party keeps stalking. It's not wrong for you to take your own sweet time to make up your mind but we start feeling worthless as if we are not good enough and you have to make a compromise just to stay with us.


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  • It all depends on what you think “enough time” before dating is ok. For some people it’s a week. For others 3 months😂. If you think you want to get to know him better at a more intimate level go for it. If you don’t think you can see yourself being intimate with him then I would probably leave.

  • Don't waste his time. He's clearly looking for a relationship, if you are not. Then don't waste his time.

    • If he is able to cut me off now, why would I think he won't after a while if we start dating

  • he's done nothing wrong its up to u

    • The fact that he is able to never talk to me again if I don't kiss him is bothering me

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