I miss my boyfriend that left me for another girl?

So recently my boyfriend broke up with me and told me it was because of me. I later on found out that he was with another a week later after it had happend. Me and him were with each other for a year and half and it really got to me. I miss him so much and I hate him at the same time. he's blocked me on everything so I can't see his stuff. I look at old stuff of me and him and it just makes me feel turned on and sexually frustrated because I very well hate him to death but still miss him in a sexual sense. When me and him were together we had aggressive sex and I know what really got him going. I want to try to sudeuce him but not be really straight forward about it. I want me to spontaneously just talk to him argue with him and then start making out with him. I know this sounds really crazy but I honestly don't even care I'm a female I'm sure someone has felt this way. What can I do to make him want me back.
I miss my boyfriend that left me for another girl?
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