Why hasn't he kisssed me?

Sooo I have been on 6 dates with that guy. We met on an online dating site and he is the one who asks me out all the time. He looks interested because he always ask for a new date with me and he always pay for the drinks we have. He also often write to me on social media. But he hasn't made a move yet.. And I don't understand. After each date we stood very close to each other, not like just friends. He is not a nerd and I don't think he is shy.. To be honest, he is very handsome and he had a couple girls in his life already.. At first I was happy that he didn't kiss me in the beginning because that meant he doesn't want just physical things. But after 6 dates I don't understand
yeah and we are both 18


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  • shyness comes in many forms. he can appear confident in all situations but when you have a heavy crush on someone you turn from a hardcore dude into a giggly little girl in an instant. he probably can't read signs verry well also.. or maybe you haven't given him any yet. try to give him a nudge if you like him back. lean towards him.. let him know you want him to kiss you. hope it helps

    • but what signs should I give?

    • whatever comes natural to you.. gently touch his hand.. lean your head toward his.. or put it on his shoulder.. if nothing works whisper in his ear.. i want you to kiss me. there's nothing wrong with a girl making the first move.

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  • My ex of 2 years. When we first started talking we were both afraid to hold hands. Even afterwards we spoke of how we both wanted to and the next time I was still too scared to do it. She made the move to hold my hand. Just make the move.

  • He might be asexual or is as confused as you are. Try doing it yourself, it's extremely hot so you'll just gain points

    • but maybe he hasn't done it cause he didn't want to.. when a guy wants something he will go for it

    • If he is asexual then he likely does not want to but he might still be interested in romantic relationship. Generalizing guys that if they want something they do is wrong, depending on guy we also overthink things and have trouble not pushing too fast or slow.

  • I love that you don't think he's shy because he's not a nerd. That's adorable

    Reality check though; it seems obvious he's too shy. Any guy at at least more shy than they would normally be around a girl they want to date seriously. 6 days and making an obvious effort to maintain contact would suggest he is indeed serious about you.

    Still six days is getting excessive and it's totally understandable that you are a bit concerned. Is there some way you could provoke it? if you hug just a little lingering after the hug but before you let go wheb you faces are inches apart could do the trick. Or if you chat online a lot making a joke that the date is going to cost him a kiss. Even just tapping your cheek and turning your head at the last moment.

    • Sorry my autocorrect changes all the "dates" into "days" ... hopefully you understood what I meant though

  • Just kiss him

    • but why he hasn't done it?
      I think when a man likes a girl he'll go for a kiss.

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    • She is hiding from her insecurities by letting him do it. She made this gender role in her head as a good reason not to do it herself.

  • Why won't you go for the kiss?

    • cause these things were always hard for me.. the first moves.. and i think if he liked me enough he would have kissed me already.

    • The first reason is a true one. The second reason you are just running away for your fear. If things are hard for you, you know you should face them and not hide from them.
      He has the exact same problem.

    • And I don't get with which logic you assumed it should be easy for him.

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