Girls, Never been on a date, want to ask her out though [pretty long]?

Alright, so I've been fighting myself for a while on this one, and I can't come to a solid conclusion, so I'm going to lay out as much info as possible to get the best answer.
I'm 22, not a virgin, but I've never been on a date. I'm a good conversationalist, and I can get numbers on Tinder relatively easy, but again, no idea about anything date wise (too long to explain the reason here).

Here's the thing, I've really only talked to this girl on 3 occasions, and two of those were on the walk to work (military, we're in the same battalion, but work separately, we can go weeks without seeing each other without trying). She seems to respond to me well, no one word answers to my questions, and she's very nice, but in our most recent walk to work she brought up the Nintendo Switch, and she said she didn't have anything to do for work that day, so I told her my office would be empty and I have a Switch there and she could stop over and play if she wanted (it was far less creepy in person, I promise). She kinda laughed (in a nice way, not at me), and said okay, but she never showed up. Whatever, it doesn't bother me.

But this makes me second guess if she might actually have any interest in me.
I've also been reading that you should ask a girl out pretty much as soon as possible. But I have my doubts on the legitimacy of this.

I guess I'm just asking what you think I should do. I'm not looking for a quick lay, I'm looking for an actual relationship, but I have no problems with it being only one date if we're not as compatible as I'm hoping.

I don't have her number, but she felt comfortable enough with me to tell me where she lived. She also says "hey" to me in a cheerful way that I've never heard anyone say before, so I don't know if that's genuine or if it's just super forced.

Should I say "fuck it" and try asking her out anyway? Should I try to build a relationship up more first, but how do I avoid being labeled as a "friend"? Any and all help will be appreciated.


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  • Just ask her, pull the band aid off!!


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