Do guys like it when you write them letters, when you have fell out?


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  • There is only one woman I ever been with that I don't think very fondly of and she treated me very badly. I would love to get letters, messages, or anything from any of them

    • Well we had a fallout and said we shouldn't talk for a few weeks and i dont want to message him incase i get the dreaded feeling of saying i have been ignored. Do guys like letters or find them cringey?

    • Guys do just as much as girls do. I normally take the approach of sending a positive and upbeat message and ask how things are going. This sends enough of an invitation to open a conversation without sounding needy or clingy. Normally I wind up not feeling self-conscious which is what you really want to avoid. If they don't message back, you know you have made a genuine effort to be friendly and they have some unresolved issues as well. That is my cut on the situation and my recommendation to you.

  • i'd like it


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  • Now a days people don't tend to do it. I started a thing to write (handwrite) letters to my acquaintances on Facebook.


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