Girls, I need help for girl I like?

At Friday i met a girl at party that i realy liked. We talked and laughed with few other people and next day i drove her back to home. I would like to ask her out, but dont know how. Should i talk to her on facebook or straight invite her out and how? I am very shy and didn't had girlfriend yet :/


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  • In my opinion you should invite her somewhere with u even if it's just sitting at home watching Netflix

    • If i ask her if she want to go out sometime, and she accepts it, should i bring her anything or go for a hug? I dont want to make it look like a date first time we go out if she accepts...

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    • @_bunny_ one more question. Bow should i ask her. Should i say hi, ask her how she is and what is she doing. Then ask her if she have any plans. And then tell her i enjoyed her company at party and would like to go for a drink with her? Or should i talk to her for a few days and then ask her for a drink?

    • Yeah do it you don't have to wait a few days I mean you can but do what you feel is right

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