Cute Girls Get Picked Last?

So almost everyone I know describes me as cute. Not hot, not gorgeous but cute. I think they still look at me as the younger teen kid who is so adorable you want to squish them. So the question is, do you guys like cute girls to be your girlfriend or do you find cute girls as you little sis kind of friend?


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  • Boys like cute girls basically. A boy always wants to be a man. So if girl is childish kind of it will attract a boy more coz he will feel a kind of dominant if he LL be in a relationship with such girl. They always feel insecured with hot girls. the feel hot girls are just meant for tp. They can't think of long term with hot girls

    • What's "tp" ?

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    • Why do they feel hot girls are tp?

    • They feel that hot girls can get guys very easily. Its easy for a girl to get attention and boys are always ready for that. So falling for a hot girl seems like a risk for guys. It's just a physcology though. But it happens

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  • Just wanted to say i got the same thing going always cute no matter what i try to do
    At these point i put it as a curse
    But i don't think it makes me at the very least be picked last, i think i was picked first at times


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  • It really depends on what he's looking for. A hot or gorgeous girlfriend sounds like arm candy to me whereas a cute girlfriend sounds like a life partner.

    This is very crudely stated on purpose.

  • When i say that a girl is cute, I say it beacause i really like it and probabilly i don't have problem to have a date with she

  • Cute girl = BE MY GIRLFRIEND - that is pretty much my brain whenever there is a cute girl


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