What could my crush be doing?

So a few months ago, my crush and I admitted that we both liked each other, we started talking more and things went on from there. One day, he didn’t talk to me and we didn’t talk as often. I then told him one day that I cared for him and didn’t want to lose him and he felt the same way. Then, he told me that he didn’t want a girlfriend, and made it in general, but a few weeks later he goes and gets one. He then started unfollowing me on all social media, and blocked me on one, but whenever I saw him, he and his friends would be staring at me. They would even be staring at my best friend too. Sometimes my crush would even show affection towards me (like blushing or smiling). If he is a “gf”, why would he be doing this towards me? Does he still like me, even though he has a gf?


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