I feel like my boyfriend doesn't want me to have friends, am I right?

My boyfriend and I have been together less than a year. Within the past couple of months he has been getting very annoyed at me when I do stuff with my friends, especially when I go out drinking with them without him.
When I go out drinking we ALWAYS get into a horrible fight. He says it's because he gets scared when I'm drinking without him because someone could take advantage of me without him there to protect me. But I constantly remind him that I've been able to take care of myself before we started dating. So I feel like that's not the real reason why he gets annoyed.
The most recent fight started because I asked if he would go back to our college with me for a weekend. He said no he won't and now he's annoyed and it is really pissing me off.
Am I overreacting? Is this normal for a boyfriend to be sad when his girlfriend does stuff without him? I'm confused because we hangout a lot more than I hangout with my friends.


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  • You are going out with guy friends, or you will be around other guys. He has a right to be worried because he knows how guys think. Plus, too bad for you, but all this bullshit about how women aren't responsible for their action when drunk and are instant victims only proves he needs to be there because you really can't take care of yourself. You think you can, but the truth is, so far you have just been lucky to avoid trouble.

  • What do you think you are overreacting about? Your boyfriend is behaving like a jealous, possessive jackass. Why wouldn't he want to go to your college and hang out? You say he's "sad" when your plans don't involve him... I call that pouting.
    He is insecure and immature on top of it.
    You have every right to hang out with your friends without him. (Doesn't he have a group to hang out with)?
    I would advise not putting up with that crap, it will only get worse.

  • Yeah, Because he loves you and don't want to miss you so he kept you away from those others.


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