I really like this women but I dont want to sabotage her relationship?

I recently met a really beautiful and bold woman and I like her a lot. She's in a no so great relationship. I don't wanna feel responsible for them splitting them up. It's weird but I feel like I am or making her current boyfriend look bad by comparison... agh.. help and hope that makes sense


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  • As long as you don't actively attempt to sabotage the currently relationship, I wouldn't worry about it. If you're just friends with her and she realizes for herself that she's ready to end her current relationship because it's not good, then I wouldn't feel guilty about that. If her relationship isn't good, she should probably be leaving it anyway and if knowing you helps her realize that, then that might be a good thing. I just don't think it would be right to actively sabotage her current relationship.


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  • Yeah man, just let her go and if she breaks up naturally great, if not, oh well


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