Any idea what his intentions could be? And guys, if this were you, what would make you act this way?

Any idea what his intentions could be? And guys, if this were you, what would make you act this way?
The guy and girl A ARE the ONLY two people at work that avoid each other and are not talking directly to each other. Every time there is an issue (guest related or work related) and girl A is telling another manager or a coworker, depending on who needs to know; if the guy is looking nearby, he goes up to that person to ask what she said after she walks away. Never directly asking her. He even talks to her through others and vice versa. So its obvious something is up.
He ALWAYS try to go out of sight when girl A comes to work. Not just in his office. And find a corner to stare at her as well. When she passes by him, he stands real quick to the side the exact way a solder does when his general walks in. Except he clasp both hands together over his crotch instead of a salute. No joke. He tries to schedule his shifts where he has less interactions with her. Like coming in earlier to leave earlier before her shift starts. Or scheduling his days off when she works


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  • I m really read to help u sort this out bt, Could you please summarize everything and repost...
    It's too twisted and complicated to understand...
    U can PM also

    • You settings won't allow me to PM you. I'll post here:

      This is a summery. But the details are in the original questions. So take into consideration he details. Thank you.

      1. This guy is manager for both girl A and Girl B.

      2. Girl B and girl A worked together at the same place before thst manager started working there.

      3. Girl A left for a bit before he came to the location.
      He met her once she started working there again.

      4. In the mean time, girl B along wirh the other female staff, was instanty attracted to him when he started.

      5. By the time girl A started working there again, he and girl B got close. Mainly pursued by girl B.

      6. Guy started taking a little interest in helping girl A a lot.
      If she was doing something, he showed up next to her helping her. Just all the time.

      7. Girl A seemed a bit annoyed eventually. And would even tell him he doesn't have to help her.

      8. He kept telling her he is just trying help her.

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    • Actually, I am none of these people. Sorry if you can't believe that. Ihave no problem owning a situation and saying "I" or "me" . If you don't want to share an opinion, then you can leave it alone.

    • The point is I don't understand hw u r related to this...
      And why u would take , so much of efforts to pen down sch a long issue, if u aren't any of the above two girls...

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