Do I have the right to feel like that?

So, i have been seeing this guy for the past two months and we go out only the two of us almost everyday. We hug, we cuddle, we hold hands but it's still a little bit awkward sometimes because we are not officially a couple. I really want us to be, i care a lot about him but it's harder for him to trust someone else because he has been hurt before by the girl he liked before. I understand that, i give him space but i want him sometimes to be more direct and tell me he likes me and want us to be together. The worst part is that i get emotionally attached way too easily so i easily get upset when he doesn't tell me what i would like to hear. I don't know if i have the right to get that mad at him. I was thinking about distancing myself from him but i miss him and i hate playing the game of being unavailable.
Do I have the right to feel like that?
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