Im in a weird situation where I have a crush on a guy who I see rarely (1-2 times a year) and he always aknowledges me and we make eye contact?

We have mutual friends we dont know each other. He always spots me in public and looks straight at me even if we saw each other a year ago. I dont know what to think of it... Last time whwn I saw him he had slight smile on his face and his eyes were wide. It feels like we both are attracted to each other... But time has passed and nothing has happened between us. I feel like im just hoping that there is chemistry between us... But why would guy spot a girl even if he hasn't seen her a while and with a slight smile?
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  • From the way you're describing him it reminds me of me as I tend to do that but I just wouldn't risk the embarrassment of rejection is probably why he hasn't. Look up a movie called "love at the Christmas table" sort of what you're going through.

    • Haha but is has lasted for years omg :D

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    • Only you know how. When you are in the moment and situation you'll think of it. ☺

    • How I give*

Most Helpful Girl

  • you need to speak up. no one can tell u what he's thinking

    • Ur right :) I was just wondering tho what does it mean generally when guys act like that...

    • There's not much to it really. you guys don't speak. he might be just a nice guy. smiled bc he seen a familiar face

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  • My friend went a whole 6 months before he sent the text to his now wife. Anything could happen make the first move, we don't live here forever.


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  • Not sure.


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