Why does it sound as if guys don’t Iike me?

I feel a bit frustrated. I’ve been complimented by a lot of people, even strangers, regarding my looks. However, I am always single. I’m 23 and never had a boyfriend. All of the friends I’ve had been in a relationship. I’ve been asked out but it was never by a guy I liked or was my kind of guy. I hear stories of girls getting approached all the time. But rarely. I mean like never. Has a handsome guy given me the time of day. I’m told I’m “intimidating” and “unapproachable” but I’m super shy. I feel that’s part of who I am. Most people seem to meet in the work place or through friends. Cute guys at the job don’t talk to me. And I don’t have many friends. And the ones that do have guy friends, they’re either taken or not my type. I’m told guys look at me by friends. But I am not cordially approached or noticed in my opinion. I lost a lot of weight and feel a lot better about myself. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve tried free online dating sites. Those didn’t last. And the two guys I met on match. com rubbed me the wrong way. I would like a good guy but I’m starting to believe it will never happen for me.


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  • A few issues here... girls can easily give off a vibe of 'Don't even dare approach me' that's not a bad thing... very rarely do decent guys approach girls in clubs. It happens! But most guys in clubs know they are wanted by girls and they therefore don't worry about rejection.
    Another issue is that I don't know you, but from what you've written it sounds more like you haven't liked anyone that has approached you... not that you haven't been approached.
    I also haven't seen you so I can't comment on your attractiveness. I think either your standards are too high and stop looking for a handsome guy... and look for a genuinely nice guy. Or just smile a little more and catch guys eyes. If they do look at you... to actually talk to you, you need to give them a signal. Usually prolonged eye contact at minimum. A wink and cheeky smile would have them approaching you.


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  • If you're shy, you're probably giving off unapproachable signals.
    You also indicate in a couple of places in your text that you are choosy which makes it harder for guys.

  • Just keep your cool lady... The right guy will surely come... Regarding the type of guy... I think your standard for accepting a guy is to high... just lower it n the nice guy will start coming... By the way can we date? lol

    • I hear all the time the right guy will come along. But that to me sounds cliche. I’m 23 and if it hasn’t happened yet, why would it happen later. You have to put yourself out there to an extent. And my previous attempts online have not worked yet.

    • Am still single as well... refused by most ladies cos I love too much making me so emotional.. perhaps we can start something..

  • it happens a lot. for example me.. i'm nkt the best looking guy iut there and whenever i see a pretty girl i assume she's already taken so i don't even bother to try. even if i know she's not taken i know women are approached multiple times daily by many men and she can choose basicaly whomever she wants.. so again, i don't bother.. but this is a problem of mine.. and of other guys like me. it is not something that you're doing wrong. you could however try to approach guys that you like. i cam't stress this enough.. women should try and make the first move too. you can only gain by doing this


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