Why does it sound as if guys don’t Iike me?

I feel a bit frustrated. I’ve been complimented by a lot of people, even strangers, regarding my looks. However, I am always single. I’m 23 and never had a boyfriend. All of the friends I’ve had been in a relationship. I’ve been asked out but it was never by a guy I liked or was my kind of guy. I hear stories of girls getting approached all the time. But rarely. I mean like never. Has a handsome guy given me the time of day. I’m told I’m “intimidating” and “unapproachable” but I’m super shy. I feel that’s part of who I am. Most people seem to meet in the work place or through friends. Cute guys at the job don’t talk to me. And I don’t have many friends. And the ones that do have guy friends, they’re either taken or not my type. I’m told guys look at me by friends. But I am not cordially approached or noticed in my opinion. I lost a lot of weight and feel a lot better about myself. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve tried free online dating sites. Those didn’t last. And the two guys I met on match. com rubbed me the wrong way. I would like a good guy but I’m starting to believe it will never happen for me.
Why does it sound as if guys don’t Iike me?
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