What do you think of my Date idea?

1st Date. Dinner than taking her out to a Historical house in town that has beautiful architecture and artwork. They are having a 12 day of Christmas holiday tour throughout the property.

Is that too stiff/cutsie? Or is that a decent idea?


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What Girls Said 1

  • ... you know, all my life i wonder why men are "unable" to think outside the box when taking me on nice dates and dinner... but ya know what gets me really miffed? I come on here and discover men DO KNOW WHAT TO DO and are extremely capable of doing it. Now im super jealous that no ones taking me on a cutsie date... but back into the Christmas spirit... have a good one :/


What Guys Said 2

  • Excellent idea. It is creative and gives you something to talk about. A+.

  • Bad idea. She will see you as a beta-cuck. Better idea: Meet her at a coffee shop. Have coffee. Take her to your car and make-out in the parking lot. You will most likely get a BJ, and she will view you as a man that she wants to keep and needs to please.


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