How do I ask out my crush if I only ever see her in a group?


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  • Do you know about her? or it's just about looks? does she know your name? if you are acquaintances, it's good to ask her out by doing her a favor, you know if she is interested in a particular place or singer etc do something about and want her to meet each other, that goes for me and I'll get the hint

    • She was an acquaintance for a year or so but recently I’ve gotten to know her well and started liking her.

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    • Look I was respectful to him. generaly I like when a guy respects me and he could do it very well but he wasn't my type. I shared food once or helped him doing English homeworks😄he was older than me and because of that I was often the first to say hello and smile or I appreciated his artworks and so on.

    • Those aren't particularly flirty though. That’s just being a good friend.

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