Best friend to be my girlfriend?

Well see i have this problem i really really like my friend but she only like tall boys and iam very short + sge just doesn't like me but i just really like her and i like when she smiles at me laughs at me etc but yeh my question is how can i get her to be my girlfriend


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  • Don't. You would just end up hurting yourself. Be a man and respect her choice. Get yourself someone else. I know it would be difficult, but there's nothing you can do if she just doesn't find you attractive.

    • Thanks for your opinion its hard to move on but i'll try

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    • This guy hit the nail on the head, don't get caught up on someone who doesn't want you. You're 15 and at that age I was going through the same shit, keep your chin up and keep looking.

    • Thank you i will

  • Ask her out.


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