Should I give her a chance?

I asked this girl out back in July who was giving me a lot of signs, so i asked her for a date and she said yeah, but when trying to set it up no text back. She bring it up cause i stopped talking to her, but didn't seem like she wanted to go anywhere with me. So i just quit talking to her again and avoided her & she kept staring at me and always saying hi and tapping my back and smiling at me whenever she walked by me.

Now 4 month's later she all of a sudden wants to go out, but I don't know i forced myself to avoid her for so long i kinda don't want to have anything to do with her. I feel like telling her just no, but then again I don't know if i should give her a chance or not cause i really did like her before.


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  • She's playing you. If she had any genuine interest or a shred of respect for you, she wouldn't have treated you that way.

    • Thats exactly what i think, first time i came across a gorl playing games nd i don't feel iy i just thinks she doesn't like being avoided

    • I was also thinking that... but I don't know let's not be too negative.

  • Confront her about your feelings. Merely speculating will serve neither of you. Go ahead, talk with her about it. Too often we ignore the valuable magic of in person conversation.


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