Ladies? What's the best way to flirt? First introductions?

I ask because, I don't henerally "Holla" at women. I find it awkward. I usually approach a girl making small talk and compliment her. Then try to find something in our converstaion. To ask her number. Or I'll usually just ask for her number.

However I don't see the problem with doing so. Anyways... Women how would you prefer a man approach you? To elaborate how do you feel about cat calls, "Ay Yo Ma's, and Baby how you doing's?

While I'm mostly looking for females opinions here. Gentlemen what is your take on this? How do you approach women? What do you think is the most acceptable/successful?


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  • just come up to the girl and introduce yourself, then get to know her. it's not that hard, just be yourself,
    approach her cautiously enough that she won't shoot you down before you open your mouth. Make her laugh, physically touch her (her hand), and genuinely listen to the things she's telling you. then at the end of the action ask her if she's willing to go out for coffee or dinner.

  • Making a girl laugh is always a good first impression as it will stick in her mind. Try and be kind and gentlemanly, you can throw in a compliment or two but don't overload her with them. Trying to find some common ground and asking her for her number politely are also good calls.


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