Successful black men and white/ Asian wives?

I recently left a family party that I was invited to. Maybe 50 or more. Thats not including kids.
I got to shake hands with most and the men there were all business owners/mangers or self employed.
But the thing that I noticed is that not one had a black wife. And I have read/ heard about black men moving away from black girls.

Personally, I think black women are hot. I've dated a few. But find myself generally more compatible with Asian girls or white girls. But I'd be with any sexy girl I connect with.

So, does anyone else see this as a thing? Successful black men avoiding black girls? I tend to find that I fight more with black girls. Thus, I don't go after them much.


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  • Im a black woman, ready to date

    • Lmao. What?

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    • @greNader I have nappy hair.

      And, why would you kill your son for being gay

    • Whatsapp me and I'll tell you

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