Advice on girl crushes?

Okay, I work with this girl and we used to get along great. Everything is was fine even though I knew she had a crush on me but I just ignored it.

Then one one day another coworker suggested I should ask her out to which I refused as I thought she had a boyfriend and we had just started drifting away for no apparent reason and when I asked if I had done anything wrong, she would just say no. Go to work a week later and I had harassment claims against me.

I just stay away from her and won’t even look at her or talk to her. Someone sends her flowers at work (wasn’t me). I finish up my shift and go to get changed. Her and some coworkers are in the female toilet talking about who sent her the flowers. She says maybe it was me and then they say no, she asked him if he likes her. She has never asked me. She call me at work for anything Work related and she either flirting on the phone or can’t even talk.

Fast forward to our work Christmas party. A group of us go out afterwards. She constantly dancing and grinding a guy in front of me. I look in a different direction she moves to where I am looking and continues.

Can a girl have a crush that gets this bad?

i have made it clear to her we just need to sit down and talk and what the hell is going on.


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