I can't talk to attractive women?

I'm 20 and I just suck at talking to women because I always feel that what I have to say won't be good enough to make her laugh, interested, or feel positive. Also I'm already 5'6 so that's screws me up even more with women since EVERY SINGLE WOMAN in the world wants a 6ft+ guy. All I can be focusing on is whether or not she's judging me on how weird I am or how stupid I look talking to her because I'm shy and the fact that my voice is deep is makes me self-conscious. No matter how hard I try I fail. It's getting annoying. Looks like all attractive women want are the loud, jerkish guys. There were times where attractive women found me attractive but then they just go ghost on me after awhile so it's I can't find one who is real and consistent. They are always ignoring me after awhile which also shows why I suck. Now this is making me think all women are the same. I'm not saying they should owe me or pity me bcause I'm genuine but they just want the loud, tall (6ft+) guys, and jerkish guys. I don't want to give up but I'm worried about my future with women because of my shyness. Should I call it quits?


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  • You and me both. You can't change whats hardwired into the last few generations brains. Liking prettyboys who are good at sports is just something girls do. Some guys are so good at sports they don't even need to be pretty and the hottest girls still flock to them. If you're one of the idiots that believe "practice makes perfect", then all you need to do is play some sports.

  • It's really simple, think of them as bros. You shouldn't have to worry about what she thinks, she'll like you for you. All you need is some confidence, and you'd be set.


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