Was changing my dating preference a good idea?

I’m actually quite tired and sick of failures in my social life. I’m a guy turning 23 next year in March. I have never been in relationship whatsoever. I have been getting rejected by girls from time to time.

1) I’m not an introvert and shy. I can effortlessly talk to people.
2) I having trying online dating websites and apps such as tinder, bumble, okcupid, international Cupid... etc. I haven’t had any luck whatsoever. I didn’t even get one match.
3) I work out.
4) I have a good paying job.
5) I’m very average looking.
6) I take time to build friendships with girls that I’m interested in. I dont approach random girls and ask them out on dates. The girls that rejected me are the ones I know.

Here’s what I have done. I have changed some of my preferences. I’m trying out gay dating apps and see if I can find guys. I’ve had a very milder lever of success. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a straight guy. I’m not bisexual or curious or anything. It’s just that I’m pushing myself into another direction to get some dating and relationship experience. I feel that chasing girls and even building basic friendships with them only results in me getting rejected.

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Was changing my dating preference a good idea?
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