What does he mean by he’s “finding himself”?

I was mad at him for liking some girls pic on social media; he said he won’t do it and that’ll he’ll fall back. He later found out I unfollowed him. He asked me and I told him it was because I was disturbed about something. He asked if it was cause of the girl and then offered to block her. I said, it’s fine now since now I know what’s his type of timing... he told me he’s finding himself. What does this mean? What does he mean? Does he want a relationship? No? What does he mean by he’s “finding himself”?What does he mean by he’s “finding himself”?


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  • Seems like you are just not on the same page, you are pushing the envelop my question your relationship over some social media likes which are harmless. And I know that you are not deliberately doing it, I have worked with at least a couple dozen females with the same issue and I know it hard to not let thing affect you.
    But he might be having second thought since his supposedly harmless actions are becoming an issue to the relationship , which means that he has to alter himself to be worth your time.

    Its just a miss match

    • Would you mind elaborating?

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    • Ahhh, I see. Thank you.

    • Its not your fault, as of now its something that you can't control.

      But what I have learnt from my latest experience where I am helping both parties of the relationship is that unless you acknowledge and accept that you have a problem, you won't ever be able to solve it and it will end up dragging both of them through dirt.
      The female of the couple took almost an entire year to realize that she had a problem.
      But if both decide to work on it, it can work good, otherwise there isn't a happy ending to the story

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  • "Your type of timing?" What does that even mean? And he asks and you say "you tell me."

    Neither of you are communicating well.

    Ask him what he means. Ask him if he wants a relationship.


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