I ain't that great?

Women, in all honesty could you date someone who literally I isn't good at anything at all?


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  • Everyone has to be good at something. Its impossible to suck at everything lol

    • You dont work with me clearly.

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    • My job is something that should be really simple. I'm supposed to greet people at a restaurant and seat them at a table. But instead well... Instead I just run around with my head cut off getting barked at by servers while I'm trying to get people through the door.

    • Thats normal. People underestimate the hosts. You just have to relax and keep a smile on your face. Remember what your job is and if anyone tells you that your supposed to be doing something different, tell them that you're actually not. Focus of smiling, greeting people, and seating them at a table. Thats all :)

  • no I wouldn't


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