How many people would be willing to do a long distance relationship?

Would you? Does how far account to your answer? Please elaborate when you answer.
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  • I did one for 2 years straight where she lived on the other side of the world. I hate to say it but it's almost impossible to do an actual "long distance" unless you can see each other often or you are at a much more mature age in which the long distance satisfies you. Wasn't the case for me and if I had the option, I wouldn't do it again.

    • Yeah I just got out of one, she was like, 5000 miles away. I was doing strong but she just couldn't handle it I guess. A month before we broke up she started slutting around with other guys over the internet and it broke my heart.

    • In that case, you were certainly better off without her. On the bright side, you'll sleep when one is supposed to again lol

    • True, and yeah I waiting till like, 1 am for her to wake up sometimes lol

  • I was once in a LDR. But it didn't work out for us both. We were in a situation where we were unable to see each other often eventhough small distance. It all depends on ur position and situation.

  • I’m in one for two years and still going strong. We live in neighboring states so visiting isn’t too bad

  • I would if it’s for a girl I actually love


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