What I should to when he pulls away?

I know this guy over 3 years ago but we were not dating at that time, couple weeks ago he texted me to asked me out and asked me to give him a chance so I did. We have been together for 2 weeks and everything was great and happened fast. I noticed that he’s pull back like he does not text me or call me first like he used to do. When I was with him last night and today he acted like nothing happened, he treated me the same last 2 weeks so I asked him that I noticed he has been off lately and he told me that he knows that I’m on bumble and it upset him because he asked me to commit to him. I was on bumble when I was single but I didn’t use it when I’m with him and I explained to him. He said, he feels like I’m waiting for something better to come, I asked if he wants me to delete it, he siad he will leave it up to me. I asked him are we still seeing each other or what and he answered that we are seeing each other but we will take it slow this time. When I texted him he’s always keep conversation short which is totally different from before. What should I do? Should I text and call him like usual or stop?
What I should to when he pulls away?
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