Should I back off if my crush is sweet and caring when he's normal but quickly offended and kind of rough when he's sulky?

He's actually a very loving guy and he genuinely cares about the people he likes. But sometimes he acts pretty insensitive when he's in a bad mood and it hurts me sometimes even if it was never his intention. His mood changes very quickly. I have the feeling that he can't help it and it's just the way he is...
I try to think rational... should I be careful and give up on him? Everyone has imperfections, right? What would you do? We aren't dating but we like each other.


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  • Yes, everyone is imperfect. Yes, everyone has bad days. But when you're a healthy individual and care about someone, you do your damndest to make sure that you're not hurting them when in a bad mood. Especially if you're often in a bad mood.

    Have you told him that his actions often hurt you?

    • No, I never told him. I once cried because of his behavior and even though he never directly apologized I could tell he felt bad about it and he respected that I needed some space. After a while everything was okay again.

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    • Meant to write "at that time".

    • If it hasn't happened since then, maybe it's fine? But you might still want to talk to him about it. Communication is the key to any successful relationship, after all.

  • Just talk to him n try to change him u no need to giveup

  • Isn't he just jokingly insensitive?


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