Mixed signals.. is he afraid of his feelings for me?

We were getting close for a while but then he backed off a bit. Always catch him staring at me or watching me. Gets super nervous around me at work at times, never lets me know he’s watching me, but feel it and often catch him out of the corner or my eye. He barely texts anymore and we haven’t hung out in a while but I feel he has feelings and was always intimate and very sweet with me. He’s in an open relationship and I feel that he keeps pushing me away due to the fact we were getting so close. Now it looks like she’s moving out of the state soon for a better opportunity at work. I’ve asked about this before but he’s watching me more and always paying attention to everything I do even on social media but it’s not going anywhere. Things were sooo good in the beginning... is he scared of his feelings for me? I am afraid to ask him especially with the loss of him moving.


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  • If you want him tell him so. He's probably just conflicted.

    • I want to but coming from a guys perspective does it seem like he truly does like me?

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    • Thanks for all the advice, I’ll just lay my cards out and see what happens. If he doesn’t reciprocate then he’s not worth my time

    • Bingo good luck 😎

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