Am I Wrong? What Should I Do?

So, i'm 16 y. o and so far i've never felt interested to make a relationship with men who are the same age with me. I mean that i prefer an older guys. At least 5 years older.
I just believe that an older man would really mature and they're not kind of childish people anymore which these mean that they can guide me well.
And i do believe that besides that reasons, they're financially stable. (I'm not money minded. But of course, life needs money, right?)

I talked this to my mom and my brother and they're trully agree with that.
But when i talked this to my friends (my close friends), they just looked at me like "ahh, you're such a sugar-baby!" And they really don't agree if i date an older man. They said that men who are the same age with me would be better to date. But i really don't agree with that.
Am i wrong if i prefer dating an older man? Why are my friends like that? What should i do?
Am I Wrong? What Should I Do?
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