Am I Wrong? What Should I Do?

So, i'm 16 y. o and so far i've never felt interested to make a relationship with men who are the same age with me. I mean that i prefer an older guys. At least 5 years older.
I just believe that an older man would really mature and they're not kind of childish people anymore which these mean that they can guide me well.
And i do believe that besides that reasons, they're financially stable. (I'm not money minded. But of course, life needs money, right?)

I talked this to my mom and my brother and they're trully agree with that.
But when i talked this to my friends (my close friends), they just looked at me like "ahh, you're such a sugar-baby!" And they really don't agree if i date an older man. They said that men who are the same age with me would be better to date. But i really don't agree with that.
Am i wrong if i prefer dating an older man? Why are my friends like that? What should i do?


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  • For teenagers and young adults its definitely better to look for someone your age. You should not be worrying about if your boyfriend is financially stable right now, you really shouldn't. And besides, you shouldn't be too quick to grow and look for a faux husband. You're not wrong but it's just not ideal. Imagine your 22 year old brother walking around telling people of his 16 year old girlfriend.


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  • You're not necessarily after money if you want to date a 21 year old guy. If you had said that you were going after 40+ then that would be different. You're right in the aspect of guys who are older than your current age are usually more mature. Do what you want to do after don't listen to anyone trying to put you down. Although, if you really are 16 you might want to make sure that it would be legal for you to date someone 5 years older.


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  • Your not wrong if you date an older man. But not all young guys your age aren't mature or financial stable. Some are mature for their age and work a bit.
    It really depends on the guys attitude and if he respects you and your decision (whatever age).

  • Go for it. Put it all out there

  • Its a wise move but not to much older


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