How do I go and try talking to her again?

I like this girl a lot last year. Im a pretty good looking and popular senior guy. she's a really good looking and popular sophmore girl.

I think she caught on to me looking at her in the halls and stuff last year because she started looking back and playing with her hair and stuff when i walked by

I should have approached her to talk, but I didn't know how to deal with girls back then. I let this go on for months before I just told her I liked her and asked her out one day.

She told me she has a boyfriend (i found out that was a lie later). Looking back, im sure i came off as a creep or just plain crazy. We had literatlly never even talked before, and we go to a very small school so this isn't a normal thing.

I would still see her looking at me the rest of the yead. I messages her Insta with "Hey. Can we talk?" over the summer and she never responded.

This school year, I actually started to like a close friend of hers. Ironically, this friend (well call her Girl B) used to like me, but she rejected me this year after I waited too long to ask and her interest faded.

I've talked with the first girl (not Girl B) a couple times in group setting this year, and Im friends with some of her friends.
I've been thinking of just going up to her, making some joke about how she probably thinks im crazy, and tell her I want to get to know her, hopefully get her number or her Snapchat?

My question is this : Is it worth it to give it a shot? She rejected me a while ago, but I had came off like a total weirdo. She knows im a normal guy because her friend did like me for a while, and at this point I dont care about any drama with her friends because irs senior year and I dont care anymore. So, should I give it a shot and any advice for when i do?
How do I go and try talking to her again?
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