He doesn’t know basic details about me, when he acts interested all the time. Isn't he that into me?

Hello, I have a question: I met this guy about 5 years ago, we stayed in touch on Facebook, never met again. Since August we are heavily texting and want to meet soon (because he lives in a different country now). He was writing and trying to start a conversation with me for years and claimed he was interested in me from the time he met me. I noticed, he doesn't know basic details about me, we talked a whole day with each other, when we first met five years ago, also the details were visible on my Facebook, like where I am from and what I am studying. When I meet people, even if it's small talk, I pay attention to them, listen carefully and never forget the most basic details about them, especially if I know, I want to keep in touch with them. I also remember a lot of things he told me, still know details about him. I feel now, that he isn't that into me. Looks like a fuckboy symptom to me LOL Like he cares about looks, but doesn't care about the rest, objectifying people. Am I just experiencing life differently and this is acceptable or am I right, and he is a fuckboy and can't keep much in his head about every girl, because he feels overwhelmed? LOL


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  • I think he's a fuck boy, I say give him more time and see if he gives any more warning signs

    • Well as she said they both had enough time. 5 years actually if he is a fuck boy why wait 5 years? I see no symptoms of a fuck boy plus you haven't said much. And we can clearly see that you are into him but you dont trust him. My suggestion is for you to not worry and try your best to make your realationship grow there is a high possibility that his is not a fuck boy, men always forget things even if it came from the dearest women on this planet so it is normal, good luck :)

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    • @Kirito-san Nope, this one once and that I study and which subject :/

    • Well its normal then. Do not worry and good luck🤗

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  • How many times he wished u on ur birthday on fb?

    • Always!

    • There seems no sign that he is a pervert... men have a habbit of forgetting things that doesn't mean they dnt love u, take some more time to know him better, take some effort by checking his fb activity, what he post on other girls timeline, if he has more girls in friends list than boys..

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