We have less contact?

Me and my crush are messaging each other less and less. We can't see each other for the next months. For a certain time I did not answer her, I did not feel well. Now she is acting like being busy. I think we both are addicted to each other, but it doesn't get better.


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  • Maybe she is avoiding you


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  • In what way are you both addicted to each other?

    Like Anonymous said, it could be that she's avoiding you, but it could just as easily be that she is actually busy.

    The thing is, as long as she doesn't know you like her, she will be just a (good) friend. It isn't weird for friend to not chat for a while because they are busy. It may be best for you both to just tell her you like her. The downside is that this is best done in person, which isn't possible for a while like you said. I suggest telling her when you next see her

    • I already asked her if she wants to live with me together. But right now it's not possible. We're waiting for each other for a long time

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    • I'm a bit confused. If she knows you like her, and you were talking about moving in together, aren't you a couple? Or does she not like you back?

    • We can't meet each other now, because I'm traveling for a long time.

  • Distance ruins relationships it's that simple, just avoid arguments until you both reunite.


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