Why does he even like me?

So I've been going on dates with this guy, he's so sweet and shy. He pays for my food lol. And we have a third date coming up, and he texts me often. He even drives and hour to see me. We are total opposites tho. But I feel like he's so fucking good looking for me. He's a country guy, and super tall and a bit thick  He says he likes me, and always makes attempts to see me. But I am a bigger girl and short, he says I'm pretty and he likes my personality and smile. But I don't have a perfect body I'm chubby. I don't know I feel like he should get a hotter girl.. I'm ugly as fuck Also, my sister is a 10/10 witha great body. And guys hit on her all the time, and nobody ever does me except old men... I'm afraid if he sees her he will not like me anymore..


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  • Nah this guy sounds like he likes YOU for more than just your looks and no he won't fall out of love just because your sister.

    • Yeah, but I hear a lot of guys are super attracted to their girlfriends sister... more than their girlfriend..

    • I'm in the same boat as you i have the attractive sibling that most girls prefer. In the end personality trumps looks because it's what makes people stay. But if you want to be happy stay with this guy he obviously makes you happy.

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  • number one rule to confidence: don't compare yourself to others.
    Love yourself and let others love you for who you are or else you will regret it.
    Don't say i'm not worthy, i don't look like a model and all of this nonsense.
    I always see hotter girls with less attractive partners and vice versa. It's normal.
    Also Country boys tend to judge less by my experience.
    So just be your awesome self and know that you deserve love no matter what.
    Take your chance, live your life, love yourself and believe it's worth it.

    • Thank you so much, he's such a cutie.. I always try to be funny, he laughs at my jokes even tho they are stupid hahahaha. Yeah definitely, country guys seem to judge less (if they are raised right) He's 20 but is looking for serious solid relationship, I don't know what that is suppose to mean.

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    • Thank you girl ❤️ You helped me a lot ❤️❤️❤️

    • So glad to hear that. You are welcome ❤❤

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  • Check Plato's "love ladder" and you will understand :)

    • 1. Beautiful bodies, lol... nottt meee

  • Different guys like different girls, in my opinion "bigger" girls are more loving and affectionate. If he says you're pretty then you are, even if you don't see it he does.


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