Why does he even like me?

So I've been going on dates with this guy, he's so sweet and shy. He pays for my food lol. And we have a third date coming up, and he texts me often. He even drives and hour to see me. We are total opposites tho. But I feel like he's so fucking good looking for me. He's a country guy, and super tall and a bit thick  He says he likes me, and always makes attempts to see me. But I am a bigger girl and short, he says I'm pretty and he likes my personality and smile. But I don't have a perfect body I'm chubby. I don't know I feel like he should get a hotter girl.. I'm ugly as fuck Also, my sister is a 10/10 witha great body. And guys hit on her all the time, and nobody ever does me except old men... I'm afraid if he sees her he will not like me anymore..
Why does he even like me?
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