Guys I need your advice?

About 2 years ago I started having contact with a guy & we texted nearly everyday. Sometimes we would have a phone call for over an hour as well. We got on really well & I felt extremely attracted to him, even if I just saw him 3 times in total. We've been in contact for 9months & by the time we planned our first REAL date, he suddenly didn't reply anymore. (September 2016) He met hos girlfriend in greece when he was on holiday and he didn't tell me, but they uploaded pictures together on Facebook -so I knew. Since then we had no contact anymore, but he would always check my Snapchat & Instagram Storys immediately and sometimes he likes my pictures. He was really interested in me before he met his girlfriend but do you think he has forgotten me from one day to another? I miss him
Guys I need your advice?
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