Do I attract bad guys or I am attracted to them?

I keep wondering a lot if it is me or them. Most of my dating experiences end up with guys that really treat me bad. I always end up hurt and crying. I started to blame myself lately because I never been with a nice guy. Despite being a fashion model I always end up with guys who are hurtful and insensitive. They all want me in bed , but never treat me or want me as a girlfriend or have an emotional connection regardless how much I feel connected to them. I just want to feel something but they are never available !

I keep hearing " you are gorgeous ! " " you are stunning " " you are very beautiful " from everyone including my friends , strangers , guys and girls.. I am also very down to earth person.

I feel like there is something wrong with me. sometimes the lines blur for me and I am not sure any more if they like me or may be I do like them ! I feel very disgusted of myself writing this. I don't understand why I always end up with the wrong guy. or why I am this way? . it doesn't make sense..
I am curling in my bed crying.. I cannot even see the screen anymore.. you get my point..
sorry I have to go..


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  • Lol, Naw, You like being treated that way don't lie.

    You wouldn't give a "nice guy" the time of day.

  • Lol reading your latest post. You answer your own question. You like being broken

  • Then dont have sex with them immediately. Make them wait at least a year


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