What was he thinking to himself... advice needed?

I've been talking to a guy through an anonymous app for a while and we decided to move to whatsapp so we could see what we both look like. I add him he saw my pic and I couldn't see his yet because he didn't add my number but I didn't say anything about it and kept on talking, after a while he add me and I saw this guy with sunglasses I couldn't even see his face properly but I could tell I am not attracted to him and that he lied to me about his appearance. at first it bothered me but then I let it go because I like his personality. I wasn't sure if he's interested or not because he didn't say anything and I didn't as well but we kept talking. The next day everything seemed fine and he said he wants to come over because I was making something to eat... but then later he asked me to send a pic of myself out of nowhere when there is one on my profile, why do guys do that? I don't like taking pictures at all and dude I can't even see you're freaking face... you have sunglasses on, it's bad quality and you you have a ton of layers you're hiding in like coat jumper and more.
What would u do in this situation and what are the explanations as to why he is being like this?
by the way It just made me go off him completely.
What was he thinking to himself... advice needed?
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