First Date at Movies?

I finally asked a girl out who I've been friends with for a good period of time.

I am taking her to a movie, but am unsure how to let her know that I care for her and want to be with her, yet obviously don't want to rush her into anything.

Thanks :)


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  • Well you could start, flirting with her, create some tension, start acting like a couple, don't tell her it will just weird her out, and things can get awkward, rejection etc..


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  • after the movie, take her out for ice cream or some place where you can sit down and talk, yet have distractions (the ice cream) in case things get awkward. and just be hoenst with her


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  • Well, you can't really have a conservation during the movie, so be sure to either get something to drink before or after the movie. When entering the movie theater hold her hand and lead her to the seats. If you're really bold, show confidence by placing your arm around her shoulder during the movie and stare at her face until your eyes lock. Slowly move in and kiss her cheek. And go from there.

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