Girls, is she being serious or is she kidding?

Merry Christmas to all... I know this is not a festive holiday message but I just need some input on this situation lol. I came across this girl's profile a few months ago and I thought, wow, she is stunning, I didn't have a picture up on my profile but I figured whatever, maybe my interesting/clever/funny conversations will be enough. She did mention where she worked which is a restaurant so it is a legit person, it is not a spammer.

I noticed that she read my messages but never bothered responding to them. A few days ago, I decided to upload a few pictures and I decided to message her again with something short and sweet. This time around, I noticed she looked at my profile, saw my pics and said "You can send me your nudes and be my Santa's helper" with a little smiley face. I read her response and in my mind, I thought, "uhh is she serious" or is she just yanking my chain (no pun intended). The reason why I think she's kidding is that I never had a girl say that to me, I mean I think I'm decent looking as a guy but I don't consider myself really good looking :-s


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  • I think she is serious from that context.

    • That's freaking odd then. Now I understand why a girl or woman furrows her brow at a man when he says something idiotic. I mean I'm flattered if she considers me good looking I guess *shrugs shoulders*

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    • Yeah but im not one of those guys, I don't think it's wrong to "talk' to multiple girls/women but let's say out of 10 girls I'm talking to, i'll narrow it to 2 or 3 in terms of potential dates, then I go further and see how she is through phone conversation and it may come down to 1 or 2 and make a decision. I don't want to date 10 different girls in a span of a few months.

    • sounds reasonable from your point of view.

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