How to tell if you like a guy as more than a friend?

To sum it up:
I liked a guy, he has a girlfriend so I am trying to get over it.
I started talking to one of his best friends who is sweet and funny.
The more I spoke to him, the more I thought I may have a crush on him.
I told him after my friends prompted me.
He told me he liked me back.
Then I was thinking about what my sister told me, if you are disgusted by the idea of kissing the guy then you see them as a brother most likely or u just dislike them generally.
I realised I felt kinda icky about the idea of kissing him and am now unsure about how i feel - if I see him as just a friend.
I think I may only have liked him to get over his best friend which makes me feel so bad, no joke.


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  • The simplest way to know if someone likes you is to ask them they may tell you no but at least you at least know the answer to the question

    • Lmao true. Which guy do you mean tho?

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    • Oh wow, u r actually amazing. Thank you so much *virtual hug* 😂

  • Not worth. First impressions are the most important


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