So what do you think about this situration?

Okay so over the summer my friend took my phone to message this guy and then we talked on Instagram for three weeks, he seemed interested at first but then he kind of just didn’t care so I told myself that I’m not gonna keep this convo going if he’s just gonna be a jerk but sounding like he was bored or I wasn’t interesting so I moved on, yesterday on my Instagram story I posted a picture of the a place that looked like the Sistine chapel that I got from the photographers page because it was stunning and I did give the photographer credit, anyways after I did that he decides to message me “that’s unbelievable” I was like “Ik!! I keep going back to it, everything about is stunning”
and then he goes “Crazy to think people actually made that” and then I go “Ik, I wish I knew where it was, so I can see it in person” and then he goes “Either France or Italy” “The louvre in Paris has stuff like this” and then he goes “I figured Italy and Paris those places are amazing, have you actually seen it in person?” and he goes “Wow that’s awesome seeing that in person must have been somethin else” “Merry Christmas 🎄 hope you have a good one today” and he goes “Merry Christmas to you too” “And thanks” and I go “your welcome” so my question why is messaging me if he lives in another state why not leave on read it would have better than having him act like he was somewhat interested?


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  • You are reading too far into another person's motives. It's natural to be nice and hold a flirtive conversation with someone who a relationship is impossible with. Hence the social media conundrum.

  • TL DR


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