PLEASE ANSWER. Does it count if we barley talked?

I knew him years ago but we lost connect (because of him). We started back talking in August of this year (he texted me first). That is 4 months but by November, we barely talked (still texted but barley. felt like it wasn't working and he was going to pull another disappearing act). Does that count in terms of us getting to know each other. And time that we could be together because of the passing month (if we even get together)

ALSO: he never calls, only text, does that have a hidden meaning in guy language?


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  • So you talked to him for 4 maybe 3 months though texts only, have you ever talked on the phone before? Maybe he's shy.

    But to answer your question i think that even 3 months of just texting is a good start in the path of getting to know someone BUT the fact that he barely texted since November that's not a good sign, if I'm interested in getting to know someone and I'm interested I'd be talking to them even more as time goes by he should've texted you more as time passes he should've initiated a phone call but since he didn't do any if that, he actually did the opposite i think he may have lost interest

    • Can you read the comment I wrote to queenofcups and respond to me please

  • Count what?

    • In terms of us getting to know each other. Like after getting back into connect

      known each other for 4 month = 4months of talking
      we barely talk after the these last two months= isn't 4 month but two since we only really talked for 2

      Not sure if that sounds right...

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    • Ok. Thank you for answering my other question

    • You're welcome!

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  • This is not a good sign.

    • I completely agree. Problem is he always has a excuse for why whatever happened. Sadly I am easy to be lied to because I am the kind of person that have to see it to believe it. I know how negative I can be and I don't want to ruin anything by believing my own things. I don't know what to do

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    • Yes I think you should stop talking to him, or at least never EVER initiate a conversation and if he initiates it be distant, to be honest I don't think he cares about you, who cares if it's Christmas, it's your birthday if he cared he would've texted you or came to see you.

      Messages like "merry Christmas" are not really destined to a specific person, we usually send them to everyone in our contacts list, so the fact that he only sent you that text is not good, add this to his lack of interest, i would strongly suggest that you forget about him totally and not get your hopes up because from what i see he's not showing any signs of care or love towards you and you deserve better

    • @John__ I told him I only wanted to be 100% friends. Thank you. You gave the best tips on this site

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