When is it to early to tell a woman how you feel about her?

Just as the question says. I told this girl how I felt several different times, but not after she told me she liked me and all that. It was about 3 months after we started talking, that I finally told her that. I just pretty much told her that: "I like talking to her and love hanging around her, and that it really makes my day when I do hear from her. I really would like to move this relationship forward." So I don't know if what I said was wrong or if I told her to quick. After that we still talked for a while everyday, but then she ended up with another guy. Need some advice on this.


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  • This story is slightly confusing but basically you told each other you two liked eachother and you never started a relationship? never went out on a date?

    • We went out once, but hung out everyday since then. We would talk have fun around town, and things went by pretty quickly.

    • she can't be worth it if she ditches you like that.. it sounds like you two were practically dating and then she gets a new guy... its nothing to do with you telling too early or anything i wish you luck on future girls :)

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