Guys, Honestly Busy or dodging?

So I'm talking to a guy who is really sweet!! We've never gone out... But we've chilled and it was dope!! Problem is he tends to not answer my messages at times. I know his attn is divided.. the other night he asked if I wanted to join a party but never sent the address when I responded yes🤔. I absolutely hate not getting an answer back and the other day my thoughts were tainted when he didn't respond at the "party". He generally hits me up every morning but he acts as if nothing didn't happen.. how should I take this? Or react? He's made it clear that he likes me... But I have no room for games nor do I wanna pass up a potential Gd guy.. thanks


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  • I don’t about this guy, but i already don’t like him... if a someone invited me to a party and never gave me the address, i will probably give him a nice black eye to remember to text the address next time.

    Dumb this guy, go find someone who really cares not some asshole.

    • Thank you

    • No problem, I’m quite sure there is tons of guys would love to go with you other than this dick

    • Well no I asked him to go with me somewhere after the holidays and he was all for it. I'm scared of getting my feelings hurt and that he might be playing a game

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