I need you opinions guys and gals?

I bought her a necklace and I'm wondering if this is good for my significant other as a random giftI need you opinions guys and gals?


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  • Girls like gifts... she love It πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you did a small gesture to show your feelings are she'll appreciate it so much... unless she's a stone cold bitch then no..


Most Helpful Guy

  • She will love it.

    Surprising her on New Year’s Eve are we?

    • Maybe January tenth when we go on another date

    • Okay.😊

    • Hold on, take a minute, love
      'Cause I ain't trying to mess your image up
      Like we mess around in triple cuffs
      Stumble 'round town, pull your zipper up
      Pants sag like I don't give a
      I ain't trying to mess your fitness up
      And I ain't trying to get you into stuff
      But the way you touchin' on me in the club
      Rubbin' on my miniature
      John Hancock, the signature
      Any time I hit it, know she feelin' for it through
      And any time we get up, always end up on the news
      Ain't worried bout no press and ain't worried bout the next chick
      They love the way you dress and ain't got shit up on you
      Jackpot, hit the jackpot
      Just met a bad miss without the ass shots
      You look good, girl, you know you did good, don't you?
      You look good, girl, bet it feel good, don't it?

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