boyfriend thinks I’m cheating because I untagged him in a post?

My boyfriend got me such a cool bday present. I wanted to post about it. It was a bunch of pieces of art. Anyways. With social media, he doesn’t like to post about relationships. There are no pics of us on his social media, except for one pic on Twitter. He never takes Snapchat’s of us, and therefore, there is no sign of our relationship. Anyways, i have a picture of us on my Instagram. But, i never tagged him in it. That photo isn’t the issue. Anyways, i know how he is with social media. He doesn’t like to post photos/tag each other in photos, or make posts about each other. So, i posted the pieces of art he got me. At first i didn’t tag him. Then i thought “this probably looks bad” so i tagged him in it (i wrote his @ in the caption). Then i told him how i wasn’t sure what to do. So i did it. He didn’t like/nor comment on/nor mention the post to me. So, i felt maybe i was being too mushy for him. I took his name off. Then he says “you didn’t have to delete it either”. Then i explained to him “i wasn’t sure. I know you don’t like to do those things. And want to keep relationships off social media. But, i also wanted to give you credit. But, you also didn’t seem into the post either. So, i took your name off. I thought it made you uncomfortable”.

Now, he thinks i am trying to hide something. He told me “you are acting extra anxious lately” But, what am i hiding when i have a photo of us, and i comment on his stuff and i tagged him in the post for a few hours? So, i tried to explain my thought process to him. And, i ended up re-tagging him in it. But, now he is being distant i feel i did something wrong.


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  • I have to say, it's extremely weird for him to jump straight to the "you're acting suspicious" thing. You didn't do anything wrong, he's acting ridiculous. It's completely inconsequential and you explained the reason behind it. If he wants to be offended by it, let him.

    Not to even mention the huge hypocrisy of him being upset over you removing his name, when it sounds like he's going way out of his way to not have any hint of his relationship with you available to others. You basically did 1/100 of what he's done, and he's upset by it?

    That feels like some serious projection on his part.

    • When i said to him “well, you said i am acting anxious because i deleted your name, i don’t want you to think badly” and then he said “i was only joking when i said you are acting anxious” but i don’t think he was...

      Because when he said “you are acting anxious lately”. I asked why, and he said “idk how to explain it. You first want it. Then you delete it...”

      So i don’t know

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  • When a guy acts like this over something this small , I always feel like he is the one that did something bad. Like the cheating or hiding things.

    Many times I was s right too.. be cautious..


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  • Next time you see him take a ton of pictures together make it an album and just tag him in all of them and then, sarcastically ask him. THERE is that enough XD.

    • Hahahha. One of the pieces of art he got me, it’s a photo of us together - i might post that one, and tag him in it. Then what more can i prove to him? Lol :/

    • Just do my idea and say the reason I'm not tagging you a lot is cause I dont want to suffocate you XD.

  • May be he likes wht ever u do but sometimes it hurts when our loved ones do these type of things he is hurt

  • eh, typical relationship stuff. He should get over it soon


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