Don't look my age?

Ladies, I've been told that I do not look my age therefore I attract younger women. Now should I try to date these younger women that I double in age? And I should also mention that I have a daughter that is 21 years of age


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  • If you're interested in younger women then you can. (I use the word pedophile if it doesn't sound rude) Don't date them just because you look young to them. And remember that it might affect your daughter real bad.

  • You look 32. I wouldn't date these women if they are close to your daughters age. That might seem real weird to her. However, if you do find a woman in her early 30's, id say give it a go.

    • Yeah I was thinking that same thing, doesn't hurt to get honest opinions!! Thank you... oh im 41 by the way

    • I know you are. You look more like you are 32, though. You're welcome.

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