Does he sees me as something more?

So I just meet a guy that is 3 years older then me which I have no problem with that, we share something important which is to be kind to everyone and love truly, now he is tall and he put some weight on... and I am short and thin, so I don't know if he finds me attractive... but he is super nice to everyone we text everyday, we seen each other a few time, so can anyone tell me what signs should I bee looking for to see if he actually likes me? and when is it okay to make a move or just weight for him to do so... he asked me if I like to cuddle I don't know if that means something? lol but thanks to anyones help, love ya all!


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  • Well if he is kind then he must be also abit shy. But i think he eventualy tell you how he feels about you. If he gives you compliments then thats a huge sigh that he likes you, good luck :)

  • U can make move for sure no issues just talk to him everything sets


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